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Who's more engaged?

Gen Y vs. Gen X


The generational debate: Engagement matters

Gen Y versus Gen X? They cost about the same — but Gen Y engages more. This is probably because YouTube’s audience skews younger.

Don’t let age restrict you

All ages produce pretty similar VR and CPV within the gaming industry, so test out older audiences. You can always stop targeting that group if the data shows they aren’t engaging.

What stands out?

Quick stats


Average view rate for gaming ads

Ads from the gaming industry had a 13.25% lower view rate than the average across 25 industries. This is among the lowest of all industries. 


Average CPV for gaming ads

Compared to the average of YouTube campaigns as a whole, those in the gaming industry cost 4.55% more per view.


Gaming CPV in December

From August to December, the average CPV rises before being cut in half to kick off the new year. December also has one of the worst view rates.

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